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The Winners 2014-2015

Bahrain Awareness Awards "Human Too" announces the name of winning artworks in the competition in its first edition according to the jury and the public vote. We congratulate the winners of the competition, and we wish success to the participants who did not win, we wish them the best in future sessions.

1st Prize

Mehdi Rafea
Name Mehdi Rafea
Age 25 Years
Level of Education Bachelors
Major Accounting and Finance
Position Accountant
Interests Football and photography
Ambition To achieve International fame to prove to others that it is not impossible.
Title of the work Maria
Description Synopsis: this film talks about a domestic worker who left her family y to work abroad, she tries to satisfy her longing for her family and loved ones in a very unique way so how does she control her emotions ?
Work Contributors
  • Director and Writer (Mahdi Rafea)
  • Cinematography (Mahmood Marahamat)
  • Editing and sound production (Sayed Ali Al Moosawi)
Submission ID 35: Maria

Submission ID 35: Maria

2nd Prize

Sanaullah Muhammad Ali
Name Sanaullah Muhammad Ali
Age 24 years
Level of Education inter in commerce
Position Sales manager - Jaan click Media
Interests Photography and videography
Ambition Want to be a film maker and a photographer
Title of the work Shades
Description A short film about two domestic workers and two sponsors. Story reflects the positive and negative sides and outcomes.The purpose of this short film is to show the positivity and negativity of the attitudes on the domestic worker and its reaction.
Work Contributors
Submission ID 42: Shades

Submission ID 42: Shades

3rd Prize

Omar Farooq
Name Omar Farooq
Age 20 years
Level of Education University Student
Major Media Radio and Television
Position student
Interests Film making and adventures
Ambition Media activist and professional film maker
Title of the work The House Maid
Description Synopsis : the film talks about the life of a domestic Worker who comes from her country to work here and is surprised by the inhumane treatment with loads of demands on her and no respect or appreciation. Above all this her employer does not pay her wages that are due which she needs direly for the treatment of her mother back home .. the reason she left her home and came.
Work Contributors
Submission ID 67: The House Maid

Submission ID 67: The House Maid

4th Prize

Zainab al Haddad
Name Zainab al Haddad
Age 24 years
Level of Education Graduate
Major Marketing
Position Insurance consultant (trainee)
Interests art and reading
Ambition I desire to be successful in order to raise the name of my country by participating in youth activities and be part of the prosperity and development and be able to impact community awareness and thinking
Title of the work suffering of a domestic worker
Description Synopsis: this film talks about the suffering of a domestic worker abroad, the hard work and toil and not getting the full promised wages despite the mental and physical strain which results in the delay of the worker sending back money to their families . this is an example of exploitation of domestic workers and
Work Contributors
  • Zainab al Haddad
  • Isa abdulla hejres
Submission ID 13: suffering of a domestic worker

Submission ID 13: suffering of a domestic worker

5th Prize

Ahmed Ali
Name Ahmed Ali
Age 18 years
Level of Education University – First Year
Major Information Technology
Interests Photography and film
Ambition I wish to become a professional photographer well known in order to raise the raise the name of my country
Title of the work This is my right
Description this film talks about a hardworking worker who wants his employer to pay his wages which are being withheld by the employer even though the worker urgently needs the money to treat his sick son. The employer leaves the house in his car and in the meantime his child falls and hurts himself and the worker rescues the child and takes him to the hospital. The employer returns home and finds no one at home seeing blood on the floor and upon seeing the worker; he starts to shake him up and asking what he has done with his child. The employer gets a call from the hospital telling him that his son had fallen on his head and that his worker had saved the child by bringing him to the hospital . the employer feels guilty of his ill-treatment of the worker and pays the worker his due wages.
Work Contributors
  • Cast (Ali Tawfiq, Abdulla Isa, Jaffar Shamloh, Mantos)
  • Script (Mahmood Mahdi)
  • Cinematography (Sadiq Jaffar, Mohammed Majeed, Sayed Mohammed Baqer, Maytham Yahya)
  • Production and Direction (Ahmed Ali Hassan)
Submission ID 19: This is my right

Submission ID 19: This is my right

Master Card Excellence Award (1st)

Sayed Alawi Hashim
Name Sayed Alawi Hashim
Age 25 years
Level of Education Bachelors
Major Graphic Design
Position Graphic Designer
Interests Art and Design
Ambition To improve my capabilities in the field of designing and to leave a lasting impression in this field
Title of the work THAT DAY
Description Synopsis: The Poster shows a helpless person representing the dire situations of domestic workers in a time line. Starting at zero being the point of arrival from their homeland without anything and the pain of waiting through the days of the month with hard work and effort for the employer and at the end the month the relief comes in the form of the due wages and to be able to provide for their loved ones back home .
Work Contributors
Submission ID 29: THAT DAY

Submission ID 29: THAT DAY

Master Card Excellence Award (2nd)

Khalid Janahi
Name Khalid Janahi
Age 25 years
Level of Education Bsc
Major Banking and Finance
Position Process development officer - lmra
Interests visual arts, photography, photo manipulation, 2d animation, videography
Ambition To run a successful advertising and branding company in the future inshalla
Title of the work Countless Giving
Description Emphasizing on the limitless givings by the domestic workers and the simplest from thanking them by paying them on time. Also empasising on Bahrains positive reputation internationally, culture, and religion that all respect the labours right.
Work Contributors
Submission ID 68: Countless Giving

Submission ID 68: Countless Giving

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