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رقم المشاركة 32

My Dear Son

The video portrays a day in the life of a laborer. Someone who left his family so that he can support them financially in their old age due to their unfortunate circumstances. This laborer works two jobs; one, as a gardener in the morning and the second, he washes cars in the afternoon. The videos aims to portray the same difficulties he faces during the day. A man almost runs him over, people rudely dismiss him when he asks if they would like their car cleaned. With all that suffering, he barely makes ends meat, as he is also financially supporting his family back home. However, towards the end, the video shows the audience, that there are also good people out there , who consider the laborers and empathize with them. A man walking back to his car sees the laborer sitting on the ground counting his coins and decides to give him the food he had just bought for himself. The video is narrated by the end laborers mother who is missing him and worried about his wellbeing and praying for him through out the video. The narration also sheds some light on the laborers background and the story behind why he is working abroad.

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